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Fresh Salads

Pat’s Greek 8.49|12.49|15.99

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Beets, Red Onions, Green & Mild Peppers, Greek Olives*, Feta, Cheese & House Dressing
*Greek Olives may contain pits

Caesar 8.49|12.49|15.99

Breadstick Croutons, Tossed With Our Original Caesar Pesto Dressing & Parmesan Cheese

Chicken Caesar 9.99|14.99|17.99

Breadstick Croutons, Tossed with Our Original Caesar Pesto Dressing, Parmesan & Topped with Roasted Chicken

Southwest BBQ Chicken 9.99|14.99|17.99

A Delectable Blend Of Southwestern Flavors Tossed With BBQ Chicken, Avocado & BBQ Ranch Dressing

Lemon Chicken 9.99|14.99|17.99

Our Signature Greek Salad With Lemon Seasoned Chicken

Bistro Cobb 9.99|14.99|17.99

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Chicken, Bacon, Eggs, Bleu Cheese & House Dressing

Spinach 9.99|14.99|17.99

Sweet Spinach with Chopped Bacon, Tomatoes, Hard-Boiled Eggs, Bleu Cheese & Red Onion, Freshly Tossed with House Dressing

Salmon Salad 11.99|16.99|20.99

Spring Mix with an Asian Slaw, Black Beans, Corn Relish, Topped with a Salmon Filet and Tossed with a Sweet Agave Dressing